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Have you booked your free trial already, and want to know more? Check out these frequently asked questions! Don't see an answer for what you're looking for? Book your free trial now and ask!

  • How much does it cost?
    $39 for 30min *suggested for students aged 4-10 $58.50 for 45min *suggested for students aged 10-14 $78 for 60min *suggested for students 14 and up
  • What instrument(s) can my child learn?
    Piano, Flute, and Recorder
  • What kind of piano do I need?
    For piano lessons, a keyboard with 88 weighted keys is ideal. Music stores like Long and McQuade offer rentals if you'd like to try it out first!
  • What kind of flute do I need?
    For young beginners (4-7), we begin learning on a Nuvo TooT. These retail for under $50. We have a few available for rental. A step up from the TooT is the Nuvo jFlute. These retail for around $250, and can later be upgraded with a full length headjoint. If you're interested in purchasing a metal flute, anything with a curved head joint for students under 10 years of age is perfect. For older students (approaching 5' tall), a full sized flute it is!
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